About CTTA’s Diploma in Computer Education (D.C.Ed.) rogram. With the introduction of CTTA, we are trying to fill the huge gap between the requirement and the availability of qualified Computer Teachers. The process of computerization has reached almost all levels of the society and computer has also been introduced as a subject on school levels.

However, well-trained manpower to teach computers is still inadequate and CTTA would be a first of its kind attempt to produce computer teachers, he added. Broadly CTTA program can be considered as D.Ed. in the field of Information Technology and would act as a unique method to develop IT teachers. The course is being known as a Diploma in Computer Education (D.C.Ed).

Diploma in Computer Education (D.C.Ed.) is one of the unique and highly professional designed courses. Course is design in a such manner that pass out student will able to start his/her career as a Faculty, Lab Assistant, Trainer, Hardware Engineers, Assistant Engineer, Assistant Programmer and Graphic Designer and an Entrepreneur. Following points explains about abilities that student will gain after successfully completion of course.