Need for DCA Programme
There is a significant demand for skilled manpower for handling software, infrastructure, and services in industries. There is also a shortage of manpower to provide IT training in schools, private computer institutes, and industries. The IT-skilled-manpower shortage remains a problem for the all markets. Keeping this in mind, the School of Computer Science has proposed the Diploma in Computer Applications programme.
Pragatee Foundation as Service Provider

Pragatee Foundation, a trust registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950, having registration number E-22705 (Mumbai), and having its registered office at Bapu Chaya Bldg, Shop B-1 & 3, Plot 185-188, Sector 23, Jui Nagar (W), Navi Mumbai - 400706. has been appointed as a YCMOU Service Provider for Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) programme. As a Service Provider of YCMOU, Pragatee Foundation shall provide, on behalf of YCMOU, some of the following services to the concerned study centres and their students.

  • Collection of prospectus from YCMOU HQ and distribution to study centres
  • Collection and scrutiny of admission forms and handing over to respective Regional Centres of YCMOU.
  • Distribution of study material
  • Training of faculty and Quality Assurance of DCA Study Centres