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"Founded in 2005, the foundation operated in a national level. Since its inception it has been an independent, nonprofit organization.
Mission for Medical and Health

Important instructions for conducting health check-up camp

In order to successfully conduct the Health checkup camp you are requested to make the following arrangement.

  • DD or Cheque of rupees Five Thousand Only (Rs. 5000/-) for one camp as a registration fees.
  • There should be minimum 200 Sq/ft well lighted and ventilated room.
  • Proper arrangement of patient for attending camp should done by your organization like seating arrangement, drinking water arrangement, tent or shade etc.
  • There should be minimum 5 tables and ten chairs. (2 tables for patient examine).
  • Your volunteers should propagate amongst the residents around and nearby camp area motivate them to attend camp.
  • Your publicity material in any forms should prominently highlight the name of organizations.
  • The arrangement of tea and snacks food  may be arranged and paid by your organization in respect of camp team and doctors consisting of 10 to 12 staff.
  • All patients registered in the camp for diabetes will be advice by panel of expert doctors from pragatee foundation.
  • FREE OF COST There will be no charge for any Medicine and advice during camp. Prominent publicity should be given to this fact.
  • Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Weight Check up will do during camp.
  • You shall depute your one volunteer along with the patient if needed.
  • Type of Camps
  • Eye Testing & Cataract Operation Camp (For all;  Age Group required)                                  
  • General Health Check-up Camp (for all;  No age Bar)
  • Anemia Camp (Specially for women & Child)
  • Senior Citizen Health check-up Camp (Orthopedics & Cataract Surgery, Gender Specification required, For Senior Citizens only)

Imp notice: It is important to register event 15 days in advance from the date of camp.

For any further queries please call our head of Medical & Human Health Department Dr. Geetanjali Mahadik Mobile : 9004944491.
Office: (022) 27723122 / 22910576 Office Mob : 9821245613


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