Free Blood Donation and Blood Checkup Camp

Event Date : 25 Nov 2012
Location : Chembur Dist : Mumbai



Pragatee foundation has been organized Free Blood Group Check-up Camp & Blood Donation Camp in association with Arpan Blood Bank on Sunday 22nd Dec 2013 at Suman Nagar, Chembur, Mumbai. Camp was organized especially for collecting blood and sending it to the blood bank for emergencies. Arpan gives utmost importance to donors and patient’s welfare. Abiding by the law & by implementing the newer technologies developed world wide, Arpan has provided safe & quality blood and blood products to the patients. With the help of voluntary blood donors like you, Arpan has helped clinicians save lives of thousands of patients by providing safe blood on time.

Voluntary blood donation is the first essential step in safe blood transfusion cycle. Though blood is lifesaving emergency drug, like other medical therapies, there are certain risks involved in blood transfusion. And it is here that advent of science plays role. In the realm of blood transfusion, NAT Test is such advanced technology which reduces risks factors to almost zero. Continuing with its best practices lead, Arpan has installed this NAT testing facility and it is the first standalone blood bank in the country to do so.
President Mr. Kiran Rane & Co-ordinator Mr. Chinmay Chavan were present during event. Mr. Rane addressed to present all donors that, “ There is no doubt that you have been a cause for saving possible three lives by virtue of this blood donation. Donor would be eligible to donate blood again after 90 days. “

“Your repeated blood donation is the best way of reducing the gap between demand and supply of critical lifesaving situation.”, Mr. Chavan addressed to donors.  Local social workers like Chandrasen Sawant, Waghmare, chaughule were present in event. Blood donor Card and Certificates were awarded to all blood donors.