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"Founded in 2005, the foundation operated in a national level. Since its inception it has been an independent, nonprofit organization.


Computer education is speedily taking shape in schools and junior colleges. Private computer training institutes already have been established in every town and city. Both kinds of these institutes do require teachers specially trained to teach computers effectively. It has been a practice to appoint any person as a computer teacher who has only basic knowledge of such relevant computer subject.

Understanding the vitality of Information Technology, its training is now also introduced in preliminary level of formal education. Information Technology is introduced as optional subject in more than 20,000 schools in the state from fifth standard onwards. Computer training has acquired a crucial place in the market. From primary schools to professional courses, computer training has become an integral part of the education. Numerous government and privately run computer institutes have come up to cope with this demand. So far, IT experts, professionals and students are working as IT trainers. Though they are proficient in their subject matter, i.e. technology, they do not necessarily possess the skills of training. It is understandable given the fact that they are not trained to be trainers. On the other hand, there is a scarcity of IT literate teachers. The number of teachers getting trained through conventional pattern of training in state universities is quite high. Every year, more than one hundred thousand students enroll for D.Ed. and B.Ed. programmes. Only a few thousand of them get jobs. IT illiteracy proves to be a major hindrance in their way. As a result, they have to satisfy themselves with contractual jobs with meager salaries. If this massive force is trained in computer technology, it would not only enhance their job options, but would also meet the requirement of IT literate trainers.

Thinking very seriously of dire need of creating good computer teachers we have designed an excellent Advanced Diploma courses in Computer Education (D.C.Ed.)

Realizing the need and present situation in society, PRAGATEE FOUNDATION AND PACE has decided to launch certain new computer training methods for IT teachers, which may compete with any rapid and gradual change in the IT field. The organization made deep study and research in the subject of IT and found a new project named Computers Teacher’s Training Academy (CTTA), which will be very useful to the present and future needs. We can call it as D.Ed in IT.

About CTTA’s Diploma in Computer Education (D.C.Ed.) Program.
With the introduction of CTTA, we are trying to fill the huge gap between the requirement and the availability of qualified Computer Teachers. The process of computerization has reached almost all levels of the society and computer has also been introduced as a subject on school levels. However, well-trained manpower to teach computers is still inadequate and CTTA would be a first of its kind attempt to produce computer teachers, he added. Broadly CTTA program can be considered as D.Ed. in the field of Information Technology and would act as a unique method to develop IT teachers. The course is being known as a Diploma in Computer Education (D.C.Ed).

Vision : Developing Skill IT Teachers from Grass root level
Mission: 100% IT Literacy. IT Education is our Mission.

For more information about DIPLOMA IN COMPUTER EDUCATION (D.C.Ed.) Program Click here...














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